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Davao Funeral Coordination

Celebrate the life of your loved one with a personalized memorial service at After Life Events Management Services.

When death comes we all need someone to be there for us. Our goal is for our family to be there to assist your family in one of the most difficult times in life. Every step you take will be guided by our caring and professional staff to make a difficult time as endurable or bearable as possible.

We offer families a beautiful setting in which to come together to honor your loved one. But, you may certainly choose to celebrate their life in a more unique setting. No matter where you decide to gather together, such a service will make a difference in the lives of all who attend.

With knowledgeable staff and excellence in service, we have developed a reputation as a trusted funeral coordinator in Davao City.

We endeavor to provide these services in a dignified, confidential and professional manner. The reputation of After Life Events Management Services has always been one of care and compassion and we strive to continue with the same distinction.

We invite you to discuss freely and honestly with us your questions you may have regarding any and all aspects of the funeral coordination including our services and our fees.