Cremation vs. Burial in Davao City

Ways to Save Money on Funeral Expenses in Davao City
January 7, 2020

The decision to be cremated or buried is a very personal one, often involving faith, family tradition, and personal beliefs. Cost can also be a consideration because there is a substantial difference between cremation costs and burial costs.

Here are some Pro’s and Con’s between these two:


  • Religious tradition
  • Family tradition
  • A place for a permanent memorial to be set up


  • More expensive due to required land fees


  • usually less expensive
  • Offers more flexibility for service options
  • Saves land
  • The remains can be scattered or buried at a later date


  • Can leave family member with fewer ways to morn

Whether you choose a cremation or burial, your family will be the ones left to carry out your final wishes.